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Custom Home Plans in Madison, WI

Achieve the home of your aspirations with professional custom home design services in Madison, WI!

Custom Home Plans

Dreaming of a home that mirrors your unique lifestyle, with custom-made plans and exclusive features? Opt for the path that turns your vision into reality – personalized home plans!

This detailed journey involves collaboration with a dedicated planner, builder, and designer to meticulously draft, outline, and define every facet of your home’s blueprint, construction, and finishing touches, ensuring each aspect is tailored to your personal tastes and requirements.


Ben Conklin – Owner of Conklin Construction Co.

Hi, my name is Ben Conklin, and I’m the owner and president of Conklin Construction Co. I started my company in 2009 after working in the field for 6 years. More than 14 years later, building is still my passion. My aim with this company is to make a difference in the industry and in people’s lives.

Transforming Home Living in Madison, WI

Conklin Construction pledges to transform living experiences in Madison, WI, with top-tier custom home design services. Our commitment to outstanding craftsmanship and keen attention to detail results in homes that are not just visually stunning but also robust and secure.

Choosing Conklin Construction for your custom home design project offers several benefits:

Start building your dream home in Cottage Grove, WI, with Conklin Construction. Get in touch today, and don’t forget to visit our main page for a full overview of our custom home services! (608) 839-0620

Our Custom Home Design Portfolio

Explore our dedication to creating unique living spaces with custom home design. Check out our portfolio of projects below:

wisconsin builders association
Take the first step towards your dream home. Contact Conklin Construction to begin your custom home planning project. (608) 839-0620

Testimonials from Our Satisfied Homeowners

Learn about the high standards and professionalism Conklin Construction brings to every custom home project from our satisfied homeowners:


Raymond Graney


We had a great experience working with Ben! We had a deadline to close on our old house and our new home and Ben made it happen. We also enjoyed the finished product as Ben has great taste and adds a lot of value for the price we built. Any questions or concerns we had along the way were taken seriously and fixed immediately.


Brent Ehlenbacht


Ben and the Conklin Construction crew made the whole process seamless. They removed the stress of building, delivering a high-quality home that surpassed our expectations.

Advantages of Custom Home Plans in Madison, WI

Choosing custom home plans in Madison, WI, allows for unparalleled personalization of your living space. Benefits include:

Create a home that perfectly aligns with your lifestyle and tastes.
Benefit from superior construction methods and materials.
Incorporate the latest energy-saving technologies.
Custom homes often appreciate, offering a good investment.

For more details on how we can assist in creating your dream home, visit our main page or contact us! (608) 839-0620

Custom Home Design Costs in Madison, WI

Here’s an overview of potential costs based on some of our past projects:

The Aspen

2089 sq. ft. - starting at $574,475

This house plan includes: 

The Oakwood

1812 sq. ft. - starting at $498,300

This house plan includes: 

The Elkwood

1582 sq. ft. - starting at $435,050

This house plan includes: 

The Delta

2470 sq. ft. - starting at $679,250

This house plan includes: 

The Redhawk

2148 sq. ft. - starting at $590,700

This house plan includes: 

The Landon

2029 sq. ft. - starting at $557,975

This house plan includes: 

For a comprehensive look at all our home plans, download our Home Plan Catalog.

To receive a detailed estimate tailored to your specific desires, reach out to Conklin Construction at (608) 839-0620

Factors Influencing Custom Home Plans Costs

The dream of building a custom home comes with various cost-influencing factors:

Streamlining Your Custom Home Design Project

Conklin Construction offers a seamless custom home design process, focusing on your budget and timeline while ensuring your home reflects your style and meets your needs.


We focus on your financial well-being, providing a detailed, itemized budget and recommending cost-effective solutions without compromising quality. Our transparent pricing means no surprises, making your dream home achievable within your financial plan.


At Conklin Construction, we value your time, committing to completing your project efficiently. We set a realistic timeline, manage all project phases carefully to prevent delays, and keep you updated on our progress. Our aim is to hand over your custom home as swiftly as possible, allowing you to enjoy your newly constructed space without unnecessary wait.

Embark on your custom home planning journey with Conklin Construction. Contact us today to start crafting the home of your dreams! (608) 839-0620

Our Custom Home Planning Process

Our comprehensive process guarantees that your dream home is built with integrity, aesthetics, and functionality in mind, from our initial discussion to the joyous moment you enter your new home:



We start by understanding your dreams and preferences, ensuring our designs align with your vision.



Our skilled team turns your vision into reality, employing high-quality materials and contemporary construction techniques.

enjoy new home 2



Experience the joy of moving into your custom-designed home, a space crafted for making lasting memories.

Embark on your custom home planning journey in Madison, WI, with Conklin Construction. Contact us today to start crafting the home of your dreams! (608) 839-0620

FAQs about Custom Home Plans in Madison, WI

The timeline can vary from months to over a year, from initial design to completion.
Absolutely, custom home planning offers the flexibility to personalize every detail to your liking.
A dedicated project manager from our team will ensure your project meets the highest quality standards.

Ben Conklin

Build Your Dream Home With Conklin Construction in Madison, WI

If you’re dreaming of a custom home that perfectly captures your personal style and caters to your every need, Conklin Construction in Madison, WI, is your ideal partner. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we’ll make your vision a reality.

Contact us today to start planning your dream home! (608) 839-0620

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