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Custom Home Design in Cottage Grove, WI

Bring your dream home to life with expert custom home design in Cottage Grove, WI!
Custom Home Design by Conklin Construction

Dreaming of a home tailored exactly to your lifestyle, with customized designs and unique features? Discover the solution that turns your dreams into reality – custom home design!

This process involves collaborating closely with a designer and possibly your architect, to meticulously plan every aspect of your home’s architecture, layout, and finishes, ensuring each detail aligns with your personal preferences and requirements.

Craft your perfect living space with Conklin Construction, where we excel in creating homes personalized to each homeowner’s vision. Our team boasts expertise in every facet of custom home design, delivering innovative concepts and precise execution to construct the home you’ve always wanted.

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Ben Conklin – Owner of Conklin Construction Co.

Hi, my name is Ben Conklin, and I’m the owner and president of Conklin Construction Co. I started my company in 2009 after working in the field for 6 years. More than 14 years later, building is still my passion. My aim with this company is to make a difference in the industry and in people’s lives.

Transforming Residential Dreams in Cottage Grove, WI

Conklin Construction is dedicated to transforming residential experiences in Cottage Grove, WI, through professional custom home design. Our commitment to unparalleled quality and attention to detail results in homes that are not only visually stunning but also lasting and secure.

Choosing Conklin Construction for your custom home design project offers extensive benefits:

Start the exciting journey of creating your dream home in Cottage Grove, WI, with Conklin Construction. Reach out at (608) 839-0620 today, and be sure to visit our main page for an in-depth look at our full range of custom home services!

Our Custom Home Design Portfolio

Take a moment to explore our dedication to crafting personalized living spaces through custom home design. Check out our previous projects below:
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Embark on the journey to construct your dream home in Sun Prairie, WI, with Conklin Construction. Contact us at (608) 839-0620 today, and ensure to visit our custom home building main page for a comprehensive view of our extensive custom house services!

Client Testimonials

Listen to feedback from our delighted homeowners about the exceptional standards and professionalism Conklin Construction brings to each custom home project:


Raymond Graney


We had a great experience working with Ben! We had a deadline to close on our old house and our new home and Ben made it happen. We also enjoyed the finished product as Ben has great taste and adds a lot of value for the price we built. Any questions or concerns we had along the way were taken seriously and fixed immediately.


Brent Ehlenbacht


Ben and the Conklin Construction crew made the whole process seamless. They removed the stress of building, delivering a high-quality home that surpassed our expectations.

Average Custom Home Design Costs in Cottage Grove, WI

Here’s a breakdown of costs you might expect based on some of our previous projects:

Base Custom Home


Includes a 1500-1800 sq ft home with 9’ ceiling, 8’ basement ceilings, laminated floors, stock granite countertops, and stock cabinets. Does not include landscaping or appliances.
average home construction

Average Custom Home


Includes a 1800-2400 sq ft home with 9’ ceilings, living room and master tray ceilings, 9’ basement ceilings, engineered wood floors in common areas, quartz countertops, semi-custom cabinets, stainless steel kitchen appliances, gas fireplace, deck, concrete driveway, and base landscaping.
high end home construction

High-End Custom Home


Includes a 2400+ sq ft home with 10’ ceilings, 9’ basement ceilings, finished in-place hardwood floors in common areas, high end quartz countertops, custom cabinets, high end appliances, upgraded landscaping, concrete driveway, screen porch, and accent walls.
For a detailed personalized quote, reach out to Conklin Construction at (608) 839-0620!

Factors Influencing Custom Home Design Costs in Cottage Grove, WI

When embarking on the journey of custom home design in Cottage Grove, WI, partnering with Conklin Construction offers you a transparent and comprehensive understanding of what drives the cost of your project. 

Here’s a breakdown of the primary factors that influence the cost:

The cost of skilled labor varies by project scope and specialized skills required.
Custom architectural details and personalized features increase the budget.
Local building codes and the cost of obtaining necessary permits can vary.
High-end materials and eco-friendly options may elevate the project cost.

Streamlining Your Custom Home Design Project

Embark on a custom home design project with Conklin Construction for a streamlined and fulfilling experience, focusing on your budget and timeline while delivering a home that embodies your personal style and meets your living needs.


Conklin Construction ensures your custom home design aligns with your budget without compromising quality. We provide transparent estimates and engage in value engineering to maximize your investment. Our goal is to deliver your dream home within a budget that reflects your financial comfort and preferences.


We respect your time, prioritizing efficiency to meet deadlines. Through meticulous planning, proactive communication, and dedicated project oversight, Conklin Construction aims for a smooth and timely completion of your custom home. Our commitment to staying on schedule allows you to enjoy your new home as planned, without unnecessary delays.

Our Custom Home Design Process

Our methodical approach ensures your dream home is built on a foundation of strength, beauty, and functionality, from the initial design discussions to celebrating the completion of your new home:



We start by listening to your dreams and ideas, ensuring our design aligns with your vision.



Our team brings your vision to life, utilizing top-quality materials and modern design principles.
enjoy new home 2



Revel in the achievement of your custom-designed home, a space that’s uniquely yours and ready for a lifetime of memories.
Choose Conklin Construction for your custom home design needs in Cottage Grove, WI, and take the first step towards living in your dream home. Contact us at (608) 839-0620 to begin this exciting journey!

FAQ for Custom Home Design

Begin by contacting us at (608) 839-0620. We’ll schedule a consultation to discuss your vision, needs, and budget, setting the foundation for your custom home project.
Absolutely! Your involvement is crucial. We encourage you to share your ideas and preferences throughout the design process to ensure your home perfectly reflects your lifestyle.
We understand that changes may arise. Conklin Construction is flexible and will work with you to accommodate adjustments while keeping your project on track.
The timeline varies based on the project’s complexity, size, and any unforeseen challenges. We provide an estimated timeline at the project’s outset and keep you updated on progress.

Ben Conklin

Ready to Create Your Dream Home? Transform your vision into a reality with Conklin Construction.

Our dedicated team is ready to guide you through every step of creating your custom home in Cottage Grove, WI, ensuring a process that’s as unique as your vision.

Contact Conklin Construction at (608) 839-0620 today to schedule your initial consultation and start the path to your dream home. Your custom-designed sanctuary awaits!

(takes 1-2 min)

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