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Custom Home Building in Windsor, WI

Achieve your ideal residence with expert custom home construction in Windsor, WI!

Custom Home Building in Windsor, WI

Dreaming of a house that mirrors your personal style and caters to your specific needs? Turn that dream into reality with custom home building! This comprehensive service involves a collaborative effort with builders and possibly architects to meticulously plan and execute every aspect of your home, from its structure to the interior design, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your desires and requirements.

Craft your perfect living environment with Conklin Construction, recognized for creating custom homes that fully embody the homeowner’s unique vision.

Our skilled team excels in all facets of custom home construction, offering innovative solutions and precise craftsmanship to bring your dream home to life.

View of luxurious modern house exterior with dining space and garden

Ben Conklin – Owner of Conklin Construction Co.

Hi, my name is Ben Conklin, and I’m the owner and president of Conklin Construction Co. I started my company in 2009 after working in the field for 6 years. More than 14 years later, building is still my passion. My aim with this company is to make a difference in the industry and in people’s lives.

Transforming Residential Living in Windsor, WI

Conklin Construction is devoted to redefining residential living in Windsor, WI, through top-notch custom home construction. Our commitment to excellence and detail-oriented approach produces homes that are not just visually stunning but also built to last and secure.

Choosing Conklin Construction for your custom home project offers numerous benefits:

Begin the journey of building your dream home in Windsor, WI, with Conklin Construction. Contact us today, and make sure to check our main page for a detailed overview of our custom home services!  (608) 839-0620

Our Custom Home Construction Portfolio

See our dedication to creating personalized homes through custom construction. Browse our portfolio below:

wisconsin builders association
wisconsin builders association

Take the first step towards your dream residence. Contact Conklin Construction to start your custom home construction project.  (608) 839-0620

Feedback from Our Satisfied Clients

Learn about the high standards and professionalism Conklin Construction brings to every custom home project from our happy clients:


Raymond Graney


We had a great experience working with Ben! We had a deadline to close on our old house and our new home and Ben made it happen. We also enjoyed the finished product as Ben has great taste and adds a lot of value for the price we built. Any questions or concerns we had along the way were taken seriously and fixed immediately.


Brent Ehlenbacht


Ben and the Conklin Construction crew made the whole process seamless. They removed the stress of building, delivering a high-quality home that surpassed our expectations.

Costs of Custom Home Construction in Windsor, WI

Here’s what you might expect in terms of costs based on our recent projects:

Base Custom Home Construction*


Includes a 1500-1800 sq ft home with 9’ ceiling, 8’ basement ceilings, laminated floors, stock granite countertops, and stock cabinets. Does not include landscaping or appliances.
average home construction

Average Custom Home Construction*


Includes a 1800-2400 sq ft home with 9’ ceilings, living room and master tray ceilings, 9’ basement ceilings, engineered wood floors in common areas, quartz countertops, semi-custom cabinets, stainless steel kitchen appliances, gas fireplace, deck, concrete driveway, and base landscaping.
high end home construction

High-End Custom Home Construction*


Includes a 2400+ sq ft home with 10’ ceilings, 9’ basement ceilings, finished in-place hardwood floors in common areas, high end quartz countertops, custom cabinets, high end appliances, upgraded landscaping, concrete driveway, screen porch, and accent walls.

For a personalized quote, reach out to Conklin Construction! (608) 839-0620

Factors Influencing Custom Home Construction Costs

Several factors play a crucial role in the overall cost of building a custom home:

Simplifying Your Custom Home Construction Experience

Choose Conklin Construction for a seamless custom home construction experience, focusing on budget and schedule while ensuring your home reflects your taste and fulfills your needs.

Conklin Construction ensures financial clarity throughout the construction process. We provide a detailed budget, recommend cost-effective alternatives without compromising quality, and guarantee transparent pricing to avoid surprises, ensuring your dream home is within reach of your budget.

At Conklin Construction, we value your time as much as you do. We commit to a realistic timeline for the completion of your project, manage every detail to prevent delays, and keep you updated on progress. Our aim is to deliver your custom home as swiftly as possible, so you can start enjoying your new living space sooner rather than later.

Our Custom Home Construction Process

We’ve designed our process to ensure your dream home is built on a solid foundation of quality, beauty, and functionality, from the initial consultation to the moment you step into your completed home:



Our journey begins with understanding your vision and preferences to ensure our plans perfectly align with your dreams.



Our experienced team brings your vision to life with top-quality materials and cutting-edge construction techniques.
enjoy new home 2



Step into your custom-built home, a space crafted just for you, ready to be filled with lifelong memories.

Reach out to us today to start on the path to living in the home you’ve always desired! (608) 839-0620

FAQs about Custom Home Construction in Windsor, WI

The timeline can vary widely, from several months to over a year, depending on the complexity of the design and construction.

Absolutely. Custom home construction gives you the freedom to personalize every detail to match your preferences.

A dedicated project manager from Conklin Construction will oversee your project, ensuring adherence to the highest quality standards.

Ben Conklin

Build Your Dream Home with Conklin Construction in Windsor, WI

Imagine living in a home that’s a perfect reflection of your personality and lifestyle. Conklin Construction in Windsor, WI, is here to make that dream a reality. 

With our expertise and commitment to quality, we’ll guide you through the process of creating the home you’ve always wanted. 

Visit our website or call us today to begin your custom home construction journey! (608) 839-0620

(takes 1-2 min)

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